Hi! I’m Ray, a freelance web designer and developer. Raging Design is my studio, where I build awesomeness for people like you.

About Me

A hard-working father who loves to create, cook, and solve problems. A perfectionist who pays attention to detail, crafting pixels and code with equal care. A drinker of way too much coffee.

I wasn’t kidding about the coffee.

I’ve been doing this Web thing since 2002, which makes me a dinosaur or a Jedi Master, depending on who you ask. But, one thing is for sure: I’m busy keeping up on the newest technologies, methods, techniques, and best practices.

There’s no substitute for knowledge and experience, and that’s what I have. Well, and, maybe, talent, or skill. But, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’m just happy to do what I love, and do it in every color of code, while sipping down an oh-so-divine mocha.



What I Do

I offer complete end-to-end service from concept to production to support. You’ll love me. You’ll see.

I also do subcontract gigs. I’m a freelancer. I think I mentioned that.

Get in Touch

Let’s discuss your needs and how I can help.




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